To Be a Mason, You Have But to Ask

Interested in joining our Brotherhood? There are only a few steps to do so:

  1. Be of lawful age. In the state of Georgia, a man can become a Mason upon reaching the age of eighteen. At that point, he is free to join any lodge in the state. You must also have a personal belief in a singular Supreme Being.

  2. Get to know local Masons. To be a Mason, you have to be vouched for by at least two other Masons who have personally known you for at least six months. Many local lodges, including Meyerhardt, have dinner before their meetings, and a meal is always available to anyone who wants it. Come sit down with us, get to know us, and let us get to know you! (If you already know Masons personally, that makes this step easier!)

  3. ASK! Petition the lodge for admittance. To become a Mason, you have to ask to be one. We won't ask you to join; it's all up to you.

  4. Become a Mason!

For any questions or if you're looking for more specific information, visit the website of the Grand Lodge of Georgia at www.glofga.org.