On Bended Knee

Brethren, please keep these Brothers and their families in your prayers:

From Mike Seden (05/29/2021)

The VA didn't prescribe me anything for pain except regular tylenol. Anna has kept you updated on procedures performed, etcetera, so I will just say that recovery would be better if I had something for pain. I have to inhale deeply a zillion times a day and the pain killers would allow me to breathe deeper before the pain starts each breath. But I digress...

I am glad to be home, thankful that I am on the mend and even more grateful you have been praying for me. I have received so many cards that I will never be able to answer everyone. But mostly I am so happy that I do not have to eat the VA Hospital food!!!

The hand is healing and stubby is looking good. Once I get past the 9th and get a good report from the surgery clinic, life will be back to what ever my new normal will become. I have a great corner desk, a treadle sewing machine(with all the attachments) and an antique tablesaw for someone that would like to take them home.

Again all your prayers past and present are appreciated and loved. God has got me where I am supposed to be and has all these problems.


04/22/2021 Bobbi Wills, wife of B. Ed Wills passed away unexpectedly on April 22nd. She was a member of Kennesaw 414 OES. The visitation is Sunday 4/25 from 6-8 pm at Winkenhofer and the funeral is Monday 4/26 at 11 am at Winkenhofer. Please keep her husband, B Ed Wills, and her son, B Al Mathison, in your prayers.

Frank Vineyard 03/18/21 - Continues to recover slowly at home

Mike Seden 03/18/21 - Mike was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. 03/25/21 - Mike reports that extensive testing will be needed to determine the spread and treatment. Keep those prayers flowing!

Richard Gibson 03/19/21 - Mother has COVID.

Buff Bowen 03/22/21 - Bro. Buff's wife Carol suffered a heart attack last week and had irreparable brain damage from it. We were saddened to hear she passed away on Monday. Our hearts go out to Buff and their family.