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On Bended Knee

Br Poppy Nelson:

06/29/2022 - from WB Randy Akers

Brethren -

Guess who I talked to for 30 minutes today - Brother Poppy! He was joking around and had business to discuss. Seems this nightmare is behind him.

--Randal Akers

06/22/2022 - from Aisling

Things are still the same today they're going to put the feeding tube in hopefully get them some nutrients and then a lot of the medications now that he is awake need to be taken orally not through his IV so they really need to start pushing medications through the feeding tube to hopefully speed up the recovery process but he definitely still cannot either drink anything through his mouth right now. But he is doing well considering. Just frustrated. Please keep him in your prayers.

06/13/2022 - from Randy Akers:

Out of surgery. Fully opened chest again. Blood clots and oozing around his heart due to blood thinners. And they cleared that. Heart function looks better on the fence about taking him off ecmo and they are going to give him another couple days. So he is still on full support. Lung function is getting better. Mid week should hopefully be able to take ecmo off. Has 3 chest tubes again. Possibility of a Temp trach for 2-3 weeks when he wakes up because of everything going on and he is so weak.

Please keep him in your prayers.

06/13/2022 - from Poppy's daughter, Aisling:

"Poppy is on his way into surgery to have the fluid removed from around his heart. While they are also in there after the procedure they are going to try and see if he can withstand to be taken off of ECMO or not, regardless they will still be keeping him on for breathing and lung support for the time being. Please keep Poppy in your prayers.

Thx Aisling

06/05/2022 - from Randy Akers:

"Nobles-Bro. Poppy had a severe setback today and had to be placed on life support. I’ll keep you posted. "

05/27/2022 - Quadruple ByPass surgery scheduled for today. MORE PRAYERS please!

05/25/2022 - Just got a call from Poppy. While he was working at the circus, his cardiologist called and told him to report for surgery tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Keep Poppy in your prayers.

-- Randal Akers

Status of Worshipful Master Mike Seden:

05/31/2022 - I am doing well I'm home recovering slow. Don't really need anything at this time. Thanks for all you guys do and I'll see you soon......

-- Mike Seden

05/29/2022 - Mike's 2nd surgery went well enough that he is expecting to leave the hospital on Monday 5/30. Keep those prayers coming!

05/27/2022 - Mike's 2nd surgery scheduled for today. MORE PRAYERS please!

05/24/2022 - Mike's surgery went well last week. He was expecting to be released today (TUE 5/24) but there is a complication that will require a follow-up surgery on Friday to find and repair a leaking lymph node that did not yet heal naturally. He is in good spirits; but, as usual he still needs our support and prayers!

WB Jerry Harwitz:

Jerry has contracted COVID and is proceeding with an abundance of caution. Please keep him and wife Lynn in your prayers.

We added over $1,500 to the Scholarship Fund this year!


Tiago before moving to Ohio - Bill and Mike send-off!

Hello from Meyerhardt Brothers!

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Thank You Battle Hill Lodge!

The play was great and 44 people were there to enjoy it!

Sat 3/26/22 Masonic Play

"A Rose Upon the Altar"

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Meyerhardt Lodge No. 314,

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